decoupage |ˌdākoōˈpä zh |

the decoration of the surface of

an object with paper cut-outs.

It's a Beautiful World

For over a decade we have been creating inspired decoupage, toppers, stackers, backgrounds, tags & banners together with our fantastic range

of 'InstaCards' - ready made greeting cards covering most every subject.

Our downloads are easy to use, super highest quality pdfs and can be
used on both Windows PC and Apple Mac.  For either, you just need to

get the latest free version of Adobe reader. Although Apple Macs also

come with their own brilliant built in 'Preview' app as standard.  Simply

download the collection, unzip the contents and print off the designs.

All our downloads are easy to follow with instructions either shown

on the sheets themselves or as an additional download included with

that collection.  Our philosophy has always been to use as much of

the sheet for the designs as possible with the least possible wastage.

From the PyraStackers range

From the SnapShots range

Check out a small but perfectly formed selection of finished cards
using G18 Digital Crafts downloads, together with imagination
& everyday crafting goodies normally found in your craft den.

Song:  Beautiful World by Colin Hay
Sample cards created by Janice Wallace
If you would like to join our design team, please get in touch.